What's in the box


A mature Cheddar cheese is surely the backbone of any traditional selection of British Cheeses. With a depth of complex flavours, it is no surprise that Cheddar cheese is this country’s most popular cheese. (200g)


Cropwell Bishops are one of a handful of dairies that are allowed to make Stilton cheese. Made in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire since 1780 this is one of the best remaining Stiltons. The cheese is soft, creamy and mellow in both flavour and texture, a truly delicious cheese that is enjoyed by all. (200g)


Our choice of King Richard lll Wensleydale compliments our Classic selection with its moist honeyed tones. The gentle flavours in the cheese are ensured because each batch is hand made in small quantities. (200g)

Smoked Lancashire

With its golden-brown rind and yellow buttery centre we have chosen this delicately smoked Lancashire cheese with care. Rich and creamy to the taste with a mild mellow hint of smokiness, this semi hard cheese this is a real treat for the taste buds. (200g)


One of our home made relishes from original year old recipes made in the heart of the country of Leicestershire. These preserves compliment the cheeses perfectly. (110g)

Recipes and Quiz

Some suggested recipes from our renowned Bistro restaurant chef. Easy to make, but gorgeous to to taste. A cheese quiz and leaflet on caring for your cheese


These are  made in the UK by a team of skilled bakers, following an original Swedish recipe. They use simple, natural ingredients including Shipton Mill organic flour, organic fresh milk and their own sourdough. (105g)



The presentation of these gifts is really nice! The packaging alone is impressive enough! And then inside is a cheese lovers heaven! The relish was also really tasty! 

Great Gift Idea!

I was searching for a gift for my friends birthday. I am so pleased I came across this! Its such a unique gift idea. My friend commented how nice the cheeses were. Five stars from me!

Lovely Gift Pack

I loved this idea! I purchased a Letterbox for my friends birthday. It was such a nice surprise for her. She is a cheese lover and said she had never tasted cheese as good! I will definitely be back!


I do not usually write reviews but I felt this was needed! I have never heard of cheese in a box before but I have to say I was so impressed with the quality of the cheese and everything else inside the box.


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